Warmer Roofs Conversion

A Warmer Roof controls excess sunlight, cooling your conservatory in hot summers. Its tiling shields against harsh weather and enhances energy efficiency. In winter, it retains heat, keeping your conservatory warm and energy bills low.

For thousands of years, timber has been a foundational construction material. Its recent surge in popularity, especially for conservatory roofs, is due to its sustainability and insulation qualities. Unlike aluminium, timber's tiny air pockets minimize heat conduction, making it a highly insulated, lightweight solution for roofing needs.

P-Shape: A custom roof blending any two styles for a unique design.
Lean-to: This mono-pitched roof provides sleek, clean lines for a modern look.
Hipped Lean-to: Retaining the Lean-to shape with added one or two sloping sides for enhanced aesthetics.
Gable: Offers a classic, elegant roofline with timeless appeal.
Edwardian: Features a flat-fronted style that maximizes interior space.
Double Edwardian with Box Gutter: Combines the spaciousness of the Edwardian style with a practical box gutter solution.
Victorian: Known for its traditional and ornate design, adding a touch of elegance.
Victorian 5 Bay: Expands on the classic Victorian with five distinct bays for a grander presentation.
Discover the perfect roof to complement your space and style!
Tapco Tiles*Eco-friendly Elegance with Natural Slate Appeal
Tapco tiles are expertly designed to mirror the distinct texture and irregular edges characteristic of natural slate. These tiles come in a variety of 20 unique colours, and are crafted using a mix of recyclable plastic and limestone. This composition not only assures sustainability but also adds a refined touch to any building.

Metrotile Tiles* The Strength of Steel for Superior Durability
Conversely, Metrotile tiles are made from pure steel, a material renowned for its exceptional resistance to wear and adverse weather conditions. This durability is a key attribute of Metrotile tiles, along with their capability to reflect solar heat, aiding in maintaining warmth within a structure. The combination of steel's robustness and thermal efficiency makes Metrotile tiles a highly durable option for roofing.

In summary, both Tapco and Metrotile tiles offer innovative solutions for roofing. Tapco prioritises environmental sustainability and aesthetic appeal, while Metrotile emphasises durability and thermal efficiency. This blend of materials and functional advantages showcases a modern approach to roofing, balancing visual attractiveness, environmental consciousness, and practical resilience.

A multi-layer honeycomb insulation and premium insulated plasterboard provide even more thermal and vapour protection and in short help keep your conservatory cool during the summer and warm during the winter, keeping your energy bills to a minimum.
STRUCTURALLY APPROVED BY SPECIALIST ENGINEERS Rigorous Testing. The Warmer Roof is tested and approved by qualified independent structural engineers to ensure all design elements comply and exceed the requirements for Building Regulations as well as ensuring the system is safe and fit for purpose.

Light and Comfort Perfectly Balanced

Whether you are planning a new house extension, replacing an existing conservatory roof or creating a Garden Room, Livinroof will give you the design flexibility you need. Enjoy the sense of privacy and comfort that comes with a solid roof but without compromising on light.
Livinroof’s design is robust but stylish, it is constructed from aluminium or insulated composite external panels and insulation. The urban grey panels that form part of the Livinroof add that all-important wow factor to your home.

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