Warmer Roof

Transform your conservatory or orangery into an all-year-round living space. Add true value to your home by upgrading to a Warmer Roof.

    The Ultimate Timber Roof System for Conservatories

    Are you considering a new warm roof for your conservatory or orangery? Our warm roof solution is specifically designed to cater to your needs, whether it’s for enhancing natural light or for superior insulation that maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year. The warm roof offers added insulation and a tiled appearance that seamlessly blends with your home’s aesthetic. This option particularly addresses the challenge of conservatories being too hot in summer and too cold in winter by utilising advanced honeycomb insulation for exceptional thermal efficiency. The result is a comfortable space in any season, eliminating the concern of high heating costs. Discover how our warm roof options can transform your conservatory into a functional and aesthetically pleasing part of your home.

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    Energy Efficient Roofs

    Our innovative pod system boasts an exceptional U-value of 0.15, surpassing industry standards and meeting building regulations. This high insulation level delivers substantial energy savings, comfort, and environmental benefits, making it a top choice in the market.

    Changing Landscape of Conservatory

    The Impact of Conservatories on House Prices:

    Conservatories, once a hallmark of modern UK homes, are now increasingly seen as detractors from a property’s value. Industry experts suggest that properties with conservatories could potentially see a reduction in their market value, with estimates suggesting a decrease of up to £15,000.

    Recent trends show homeowners actively removing these structures, often perceived as unattractive, to enhance their property’s appeal to potential buyers. The popularity of conservatories, typically made of glass or plastic, peaked in the early 2000s, offering an affordable solution for home expansion. However, this cost-effective measure has, over time, become a financial burden due to their outdated and energy-inefficient design.

    Many potential buyers now view these structures as undesirable, leading to a significant decline in the number of homes with conservatories entering the market. Data from Rightmove indicates a 52% reduction between 2012 and 2023. The construction of new conservatories has also dramatically decreased, from half a million in 2006 to just 37,000 in 2023

    Chris Hodgkinson, the managing director of the House Buyer Bureau, criticises conservatories for their limited utility, being overly hot in summer and cold in winter. He notes that conservatories, particularly those not in harmony with the home’s design, can create a negative first impression, especially among younger buyers. Hodgkinson also highlights the potential costs of demolition, estimated at around £2,000, as a factor for buyers to consider.

    Yet, not all conservatories negatively impact property value. A well-insulated, modern conservatory could potentially add up to 5% to a home’s value. James Powell of York’s Hunters estate agents observes a trend in converting conservatories into more functional spaces, often involving replacing traditional glass or plastic roofs with more substantial roofing such as a warmer roof with lightweight tiles and superb honeycombed insulation. This transformation addresses the inefficiencies of the typical conservatory design.

    Josh Avis from Phillip Mann estate agents in Seaford, East Sussex, notes a shift towards partially brick-built conservatories or complete rooms, moving away from the traditional glass-panelled designs. Properties featuring pitched roofs with skylights are also gaining popularity.

    In summary, while conservatories once added value and appeal to UK homes, their impact on the current housing market is mixed. Homeowners are advised to consider modernising these spaces to align with current buyer preferences and energy efficiency standards, potentially converting them to extensions with a lightweight solid roof, internally vaulted and highly insulated, thereby adding true value to your home

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