Bay Bow Windows

Enhance your home with bay or bow windows, inviting natural light and a sense of spaciousness. Enjoy elegance and a brighter, more welcoming atmosphere with this simple yet impactful transformation.

Recoup your investment with significant energy savings. If you've noticed escalating energy bills, it's likely your current windows lack adequate insulation. By upgrading to the latest thermally efficient models, you'll enjoy immediate benefits. Say goodbye to chilly drafts and excessive heat loss through windows. Instead, welcome a consistently warm home without the hefty heating costs. This upgrade isn't just a change; it's an investment in comfort and savings.
Bay and bow windows, often confused due to their similar names, distinctly enhance homes by creating more space and allowing extra light. Bay windows, usually with three panels, extend at a sharp angle, offering expansive floor space and a prominent picture window. Conversely, bow windows comprise four or five panels set at a gentler curve, providing broader views and increased light due to more glass area. Both styles can incorporate various window types like sash or casement, tailored to personal preference and home aesthetics. Despite higher initial costs, their benefits in space, light, and visual appeal make them a valued addition to any home.
We take our inspiration from the buildings and environment around us. So our designs are flexible, versatile and created to suit contemporary homes and period properties alike. Good window design extends to the symmetry of window sightlines. Equal sightlines add balance and harmony, giving a cleaner view from the outside in, and from the inside looking out. It means our windows look less cluttered and more symmetrical. All our products undergo rigorous tests to ensure they are of the highest quality, durability and reliability. So your windows and doors will stay beautiful for longer, with very little maintenance. They are also all recyclable.
You need to feel you are safe and secure in your own home, so it’s good to know that we take security very seriously. Making sure your windows and doors are secure can be a major deterrent to opportunistic thieves and burglars. All our windows and doors are manufactured to Secured by Design standards, helping protect your property for complete peace of mind. Our wide range of modern, contemporary and period-style windows incorporate the latest built-in safety features, including internal glazing and a locking system for ultimate protection. To provide enhanced resistance to forced entry, all our windows and doors are fitted with hinge protectors at the back of the sash. We've incorporated the latest anti-bump and anti-snap cylinder technology directly into our doors, all as standard equipment. We also offer various glass and hardware options for you to choose from to make your home as safe as possible.

Perfect Window Solutions

With an extensive selection of colours and colourways, we help you choose the perfect colour palette for your home.

• Colours include the beautiful woodgrains, Classic Cream, Chartwell Green, Irish Oak, Anthracite Grey, and the unique Nut Tree.

• Extremely durable and a minimum 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee means your new windows and doors will stay looking beautiful for years, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Black Ash Both Sides

Black Ash / White PVC

Anthracite Smooth Matt Both Sides

Anthracite Smooth Matt / White PVC

Anthracite Grained Both Sides

Anthracite Grained / White PVC

Chartwell Green Both Sides

Chartwell Green / White PVC

Classic Cream Both Sides

Classic Cream / White PVC

Irish Oak Both Sides

Irish Oak / White PVC

Golden Oak Both Sides

Golden Oak / White PVC

Nut Tree Both Sides

Nut Tree / White PVC

Rosewood Both Sides

Rosewood / White PVC

White Grain Both Sides

White Grain / White PVC

Minster Glass

Stippolyte Glass

Contora Glass

Square Leaded

Diamond Leaded

Internal Georgian Bars

External Georgian Bars

Timber Look Windows Gallery

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